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Mindful Leadership

Meditation/Mindful Leadership Workshops (2-3 hours in duration):Any size of group up to about 30 people.  This would be an introductory exploration into meditation with a focus on mindful leadership.  I would work with the organizer to build the applicability based on the intentions or goals/theme of the conference.

Mindful Leadership can be tricky to conceive.  Having been in leadership roles practically my whole adult life, I have learned what works and what doesn't.  I was not a perfect leader, and yet, my meditation practice and learning from other masters of mindfulness helped me to be more authentic, truthful and grounded for both myself and those I worked with.   Open and calm, I was able to traverse through the often stressful, challenging  and isolating job of being a manager/boss/leader in the non-profit world.  


In my workshop with you, we will explore:

  • what mindfulness is, and what it isn't

  • personal mindfulness practices at home

  • mindfulness practices at work

  • the pace of work life

  • managing the judge and jury (self and others)

  • isolation

  • the restorative pause

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