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Gallery coming soon.

Mandala Art

Mandalas have offered both a creative outlet and solace from those things in life that sometimes bring sadness or stress.  I started drawing them after an event in my life that was upsetting, and I still draw them because I am amazed at how the process helps with those stressful times.  I now am ready to share them with you.  

You may want to order one  to be printed for you.  I can also teach you how to make your own joyful mandalas.  

I can be commissioned to create a mandala for you either as a meaningful reflection or just something pretty to add to your wall or desk.

To find out more, please reach out on my contact page.

Meditation Stones

These stones offer an image and a word.  Each stone is collected on a local Vancouver Island beach. Each one is hand painted and has a meaningful word on the back.  They are  protected with a mixture of coconut oil, bees wax and essential oils.  The stones can be used for ceremony, meditation, journaling or as a simple gift.

I can custom design for special occasions, specific gifts, etc.

They can be bought individually or in bulk.  No two stones are alike - just as Mother Nature intends.

To order, please reach out on my contact page.

Stones on the round.jpg
Stones on Buddha.jpg

Gallery coming soon.

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