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Meditation Offerings

Meditation and Mindfulness Offerings

About Shamatha Vipassana Meditation: It comes from the Tibetan lineages of Buddhism.  Shamatha means ‘the practice of tranquility’, and Vipassana means ‘the practice of insight’.  To put it simply, it is a practice of mindfulness awareness that focuses on the mindfulness of body, mindfulness of breath and mindfulness of mind.  

What meditation is (in a nutshell): Noticing discursive/rambling/fragmented thoughts, which are all very normal; and bringing in an object of intention – and for Shamatha meditation that object is the breath.  

The good news is that you DON’T have to stop thinking or clearing your mind when you meditate.  

What meditation isn’t: It isn’t religious.  Many world spiritualities and religions use meditation, but by itself, it is not a religion.

Meditation is not a form of self-improvement – yes, a consistent meditation practice will improve your life, but the intention is not to ‘fix’ but rather accept and be curious. 

A note about fees:  My fees are set up to be reasonably affordable.  That being said, I do not want cost to be a barrier.  If you anticipate that paying the set fee is a hardship, please contact me to discuss a compassionate fee agreement.

Offerings: (can be in person or online)

To arrange meditation lessons, please reach out and access my contact page
Individual Meditation lessons:
I work alongside my students, guiding the process.  I teach you each aspect (body, mind, breath) of Shamatha meditation.  Every time we meet, we will explore your barriers, your comfort level, and your progress. 

Recommended: at least 4 one hour weekly sessions, building on your practice.  Going beyond that, we can then explore further teachings and progress.


Introductory Fees:    Four 1 hour sessions: $100. 

Small Group Meditation (between 3 and 8 people):
Similar to individual meditations sessions, I work alongside the group, teaching the different aspects and exploring everyone’s barriers and comfort level.  To allow time for sharing, these sessions are usually 1.5 hours and we would need at least 4 complete weekly sessions.
Group sessions are ideal for small non-profits or other community organizations, book clubs or walking group or any other business.

Some find meditating in a group a way of being more accountable and use this as a stepping stone into an at home practice.

Introductory Fees: $125 per person for 4 sessions

Not for Profit Group Rate:  $80 per person for 4 sessions

Group Guided Meditation:
Businesses or organizations may chose to have me offer guided meditations, as opposed to teaching meditations.  Certainly, one could learn how to meditate by listening, but the intention is to offer an easy and consistent meditation process.

Fees:  To be determined based on # of minutes and frequency 

Meditation/Mindful Leadership Workshops (2-3 hours in duration):
Any size of group up to about 30 people.  This would be an introductory exploration into meditation with a focus on mindful leadership.  I would work with the organizer to build the applicability based on the intentions or goals/theme of the conference.

**see more details in the 'Mindful Leadership' tab

Fees to be determined based on group size, duration and frequency.


Retreat/Conference Offerings:

I can offer meditation and mindfulness exercises as a complement to your retreat.  Please contact me to discuss how to build grounded calm opportunities of meditation with your participants while they attend.

Enjoy this short guided meditation

on Kindness and Compassion.

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